Gaysha of the S.U.A. 

Kinsey Institute Contemporary Photography Collection

Sarah Taavola

Sarah Taavola was born in Hartland, Wisconsin in 1986. She works predominantly in sculpture and installations, but includes photography as an important part of her art practice. Taavola completed a BFA focused in photography and sculpture at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2011. She participated in multiple student organizations while at UWM, and also acted as the president of the student sculpture club in 2009. She co-founded the Milwaukee Photographic Coalition in 2011 and acted as the public relations officer until 2014.

She is currently pursuing her MFA in fine art studio at Rochester Institute of Technology. Taavola has been shown multiple times in the Kinsey Institute International Juried Show since 2009. She is also represented in the contemporary photography collection of the Kinsey Institute.